Board & Committees

Our Board of Directors

Kris Munday
Vice President
Marie DeRosa
Vice President
Pamela Cortese
 Kim Loutsis (Michael Tausen, auditing Accountant)
Julie Emmerling

Our Coordinators

National Kris Munday

South West  Laurie Castleberry

Midwest  Pamela Cortese

North East Marie DeRosa

North East Shelter intake Coordinator Kate Morrill

South East Charli Dejong


Our Committees

Events and Expos Coordinator
Kris Munday
Ways N Means
Marie DeRosa
Foster Home Support
Marie DeRosa
New Foster Mentor
Kate Morill & Colleen Ewald
New Foster Guidelines
Marie DeRosa
Web Admin
Kris Munday & Jennifer Garcia
Cafe Press Store
Kris Munday

Dogue de Bordeaux Rescue has been granted 501(c) 3 Charitable status effective March 8, 2008.

Donations can be sent to: DDB Rescue, 7160 Goodrich Hwy, Oakland, OREGON 97462

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