2017 Annual Rescue Summary

As 2017 drew to a close, we sit back and look at the year that just passed. It was hectic, crazy, busy and of course had it’s ups and downs. We are up from our 2016 number of 87, back into double digits with 101. We also brought in several dogs that will likely live their lives out with us due to either health issues or age. Though we were able to adopt out some of our double digit dogs from 2016!!

At year end, DDBR is in the process of restructuring our regions and have broken down the states into 6 regions. DDBR thanks Chuck and Kristina for their work on behalf of DDBR and welcomes in Laurie who will take over the South East, Paige, who will take over the South West, and Pat, who will handle Canada on a very limited basis.

DDBR did not do as many fund raisers this year, BUT we did lots of things we had never done before in regards to raising funds. We had jewelry fund raisers, we had a sculpture raffle, we had custom t-shirts and items made specifically for DDBR. We are looking forward to the new year to do some auctions and raffles as our main fund raiser, Kris, is finally starting to feel better (and is still cancer free!!!!). Again, we were able to make it through the year on our small budget thanks to our amazing donor base and volunteers. There were times our funds were so low that we had to stop intakes for a few weeks, but we made it through. DDBR definitely could not assist the dogues we do without your continued support and generosity. THANK YOU

As DDBR continues to grow and reorganize, we will start new things to see how they serve us and the dogues, better. For example, we will be starting Facebook groups for the different regions. We will continue to use the Yahoo Groups for our volunteers, but the majority of our volunteers are on facebook and would rather communicate that way. Instead of seeing hundreds of emails and such that do not apply to their area, they will be in a group specifically for their area and deal directly with their regional coordinator. Hopefully, this will streamline some of the operations of DDBR.
As in previous years, Social Media keeps often pushes us to our limits. We are constantly bombarded with dogs needing rescue all over the states. Literally dozens of dogues a week needing to come into rescue, majority now being owner surrenders (most not even coming into rescue, the majority of the time, the owners never contact us back after 3, 5, 10 attempts). DDBR has referred out hundreds to other groups (lots of them are not DDB’s, but rather mixes), and dozens we were able to get directly into the homes of previous adopters who adopted them direct.

Worldwide, there is a huge problem of DDB’s needing rescue. DDB Welfare and other rescue groups in the UK are taking in just as many or more ddb’s than we are in the US. Something has to change. The message to breeders is the same as previous years, be responsible for what you produce. Check out potential puppy buyers. Microchip your puppies with YOU as the main contact so it can’t be taken off the chip. Don’t sell to just anyone looking to buy a pup. Sell on strict spay/neuter contracts (not all dogs need to or should be bred). Our breed is counting on the breeders to protect it, to preserve it, to make sure it’s around for another 500 years. Doing anything less is a disservice to the breed. Breeders are the future of our breed, please, if you are going to breed, have the breeds best interest at heart, don’t just breed to breed.

As in 2016, DDBR turned down dozens of dogues due to bite history. This could be genetic, this could be the owners. We are seeing more and more bad temperaments each year. If your dogue bites people, this is NOT acceptable. For the sake of the breed (think breed bans), please don’t breed these dogues, have your vet put them to sleep.

The message for potential buyers, please check your breeder out thoroughly, verify that they health certify their dogues (you can check this out for free at www.offa.org), and see their contract BEFORE buying a pup or sending a deposit. If they aren’t health certifying their dogs, and not selling on contract, and not willing to take their dog back, you may just want to look for a good breeder that does all of these things and more. Even if they produced top winning dogs, it does not mean the dogs are healthy, check the certifications!! If there are no health certifications, RUN…… DDBR does not give references, but we can tell you if we trust someone and we can send you a list of questions to ask potential breeders.

Total number of dogues in program during 2017: 101
Dogues successfully found homes: 58
Dogues in program at the end of 2017: 33 (10 with adoptions pending)
Dogues who will likely live their lives out with DDBR as they are not adoptable: 5
Dogs denied into the program because of bite history or aggression: 38
Dogues euthanized for health reasons: 8 (not including 7 denied for health reasons)
Dogues euthanized for temperament reasons: 2 (not including the 38 denied into the program)
Average age was between 2.5 years to 6 years
Youngest: Hugo, a 4 month old pup
Oldest: Our Double Digit Dogues: Paris2 in Florida, Coco in WI, Herman in IL
Males in program: 63 Females in program:38
Red/Brown masks: 101 Black masks: 0

Some of the health issues we treated this year besides abuse, starvation and neglect (it’s the same each year for the most part):
 Localized and Generalized Demodex mange (and secondary infections caused by it)
 Heartworm, other misc. worms (round, whip, hook)
 Kennel Cough (and secondary infections from it)
 Cancer (Lymphoma, and unknown cancers), Benign cysts, Fatty Tumors
 Heart issues (SAS,DCM, End Stage Heart Failure)
 Allergies (food and environmental)
 Torn ACL/CCL
 Kidney Failure
 Liver Failure

In loving memory to those we lost this year, may there have been a better world for you: Angus, Beauford, Darla, Freckles, Kong, Patrick, Rosie, Shorty, Roxanne and Max.

A sincere THANK YOU goes out to all of our volunteers and all of the groups who have taken in DDB’s. Without your help, these dogues would not have been saved. THANK YOU also goes out to all who have donated to DDBR, your generosity is amazing and helped so many dogues in need!


2017 DDB Rescue Financial Statement

Opening Balance 550.25
Combined Income (Bank/Paypal – refunds/NSF) 68215.98
Paypal Fees -944.67
Vetting, Dog Expenses -58376.19
Operating Expenses -4838.46
Events -163.41
Inventory/Auction -3104.87
Postage/Shipping/Ship Supply -155.08

Year End Account Totals 1183.55

Year End Bank Balance $727.48
Year End Paypal Balance $456.07

Year End Total Funds Available $1,183.55