2007 DDBS Rescue Summary

2007 was a hectic year for rescue. In June, George Brown retired and passed the torch to Kris Munday. George had been the National Coordinator for the DDBS Rescue for 7 years and his dedication and years of service are very much appreciated.

The rescue program assisted 104 dogues during 2007. Up from 90 in 2006. Like 2006, we turned down just as many as we were able to take in. We also assisted other groups in either listing to place their dogues or sending approved applicants to them.

With the advancement into AKC, rescue is only going to get more overwhelmed. As George stated last year, breeders must become more vigilant on screening their potential buyers, enforce their spay/neuter contracts, and refuse to sell to any one with the cash to buy one of these magnificent dogues without checking them out and learning their intentions. Each day, there are more and more “breeders” listed on the puppy sites, breeding un health tested dogs, selling sub standard dogs and breeding for reasons other than to improve the breed. The Dogue de Bordeaux is not a breed for everyone. They can be dominant, stubborn, dog aggressive (usually same sex), prey driven, pushy and must be placed with responsible adults who understand and can control these characteristics.

Almost half of the dogues rescue assisted in 2007 were owner surrenders. Surrendered for reasons such as: moving, having a baby, getting divorced, dogs are fighting, going to college, dog keeps getting out, dog is stubborn, dog is dominant, dog chases the cats, dog doesn’t listen, dog killed cat, dog knocked over the baby. If more breeders would screen their potential buyers more carefully, it could help reduce the ever increasing numbers we are seeing needing to be rescued. Breeders selling to anyone with cash and not educating their potential buyers on both the positives and negatives of the breed are not doing any justice to the breed that we all love and are unknowingly destroying this magnificent breed.

Total number of dogues in program 2007: 104

Dogues successfully found homes: 88 (including 7 from 2006)

Dogues in program at the end of 2007: 10

Dogues still to be adopted from 2006: 2

Dogues euthanized for health reasons: 9

Dogues euthanized for temperament reasons: 4

Males in program: 55

Females in program: 49

Red masks: 102

Black masks: 2

Average age was around 2 years old

Youngest were whelped in rescue

Oldest 10 year old (documented) black mask female

3 females whelped in rescue and one litter of puppies were surrendered to rescue at 9 weeks old.

48 dogues were owner surrendered

55 were pulled from shelters

Some of the health issues we treated this year besides abuse, starvation and neglect:

  • Localized and Generalized Demodex mange (and secondary infections caused by it)
  • Heartworm
  • Other misc. worms (round, whip, hook)
  • Heart problems (Aortic Stenosis, Cardiomyapathy, others)
  • Cherry eye
  • Entropion
  • Ectropion
  • Benign cysts
  • Allergies
  • Luxating patellas
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Shoulder OCD
  • Testicular Cancer
  • Deafness
  • Pyometria
  • Pregnancy
  • Broken Tail
  • Fractured Legs

In loving memory to those we lost this year, may there have been a better world for you:

  • Bunny and 7 of her puppies
  • Sam
  • Max
  • Zeus
  • Peanut
  • Miles

Thank you all for your time and consideration.